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Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30pm MST

Beginning October 5th, 2022

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Hello Creative Soul!

Are you ready to:

  • Create your next brilliant idea?
  • Unlock your creative energy?
  • Burn the patriarchy down by living your best, creative life? 

I see you. I hear you. & I’m here for you.

And I’m ready to teach you how to feel AMAZING in the creative process so that you can change your entire-f*cking-world.


Hi! I’m Hillary (she/her), a spiritually minded creative soul who will not stand for creative minds hiding their creative selves behind the rules of the patriarchy. 

I’m also a music composer who loves traveling, cohosting the Sounds of the World podcast, playing with my pups, crafting gemstone jewelry (Crafted with Light) and if you’ve made it this far, I tend to swear a lot.

I’m a life coach with a single, holistic mission: empower creative minds to unblock their creative energy so they can change their entire world. 

Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30pm MST

Beginning October 5th, 2022

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Society, *ahem, the Patriarchy*, Does a number on our creative soul.

You may be shutting your ideas down without even being aware of it as your brain’s best effort to keep you from what it perceives to be danger.

From the moment we’re born into this world we’re connecting with the energy around us. As our brains learn to encode information from our environment and they become masters at deciphering when it’s ok to explore and when it’s best to play it safe. 

Creative exploits are not always deemed safe. Society bombards us with messages designed to keep us in a box, in our lane, and out of sight. Our brains receive these messages and may shut down our willingness to explore something new before we ever get a chance to try it in an attempt to keep you safe. This can create a major block in our creative endeavors, as we’re literally having to fight our survival instincts in order to create.

In the Creative Code, I teach you how to recognize this deep level of programming, how to deprogram/reprogram thoughts that serve you and how to work with your central nervous system to find real, tangible comfort for your brain to safely explore your creative process. 

Your emotions may be blocking your creative magic.

Emotions are energies in our bodies that can get stuck pretty easily. 

We are emotional creatures. And when we are unaware of or actively suppressing our emotions, they can get trapped in the body. This can create blockages that prevent our energy from flowing, which ultimately can impact our creative flow. 

In the Creative Code, I teach you methods of safely experiencing emotions in our body, becoming ok with all emotions (not just seeking comfortable emotions while ignoring uncomfortable ones) and give you amazing resources to turn to for help in strengthening your emotional resilience.  

Your self care (or lack thereof) may be blocking you from your best work.

When we consistently put our well-being last on our priority list, it creates a shaky foundation for our creative projects that can erode and wipe out our ability to thrive at any time.

In the Creative Code, I teach you the importance of creating your own Mind-Body-Spirit practice and give you resources to have FUN in this process. We will not be meditating for hours on end – unless this is YOUR JAM (you do you!) – but rather exploring micro-practices that feel effortless and become a rewarding part of your day!

That internal shit-talking is getting in the way of your brilliance.

The way most of speak to ourselves is literally like the shittiest boss we’ve ever had.

The way we speak to ourselves is so vital to our overall emotional, physical health and well-being. If we’re constantly beating ourselves up for not doing MORE or for not having all the answers, our internal dialogue becomes the major block for all our endeavors! 

In the Creative Code, I’ll teach you how to become aware of the all the subtle ways you treat yourself, and give you a direct blue-print for how to start treating yourself like a kick-ass employee.

When we treat ourselves like the radiant souls we are, we can get out of our own way and get so much shit done! 

Enter: The Creative Code: Beta Edition*

To master your creative flow, all you really need is an openness to these 5 things:

  • Talking to yourself like the radiant human being you are
  • Allowing your emotions to efficiently flow through your body
  • Allowing stored emotional energy to release and flow through your body 
  • A willingness to uncover and deprogram thought patterns that no longer serve you.
  • A willingness to explore and reprogram thought patterns that do.

That’s it. That’s the magic. We’re done here.


You can take this journey by yourself.


You can join an ultra-supportive community, discover a hand-crafted blue-print to follow to expedite your journey (save yourself some time & money) AND get weekly accountability through group coaching every Wednesday night at 6:30pm MST (additional call times to be added for variety)

Sound legit? 


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The Creative Code Beta Edition is a module-based group coaching program that will:

  • Guide you to create your own Mind-Body-Spirit practice that serves you and your emotional needs. Finding your best practices allows you to process your life in real-time, unlock your flow state and get shit done.
  • Help you stop being an asshole to yourself by teaching you to observe, explore being kind and ultra-supportive to yourself and your efforts. We’ll also chat about judgement and the havoc it wreaks on our creative projects and how to detox your brain from it.
  • Burn the patriarchy down. *ahem, I mean* Dismantle societal programming not serving you by creating awareness to said programming and exploring tools to unlock the grip it has on your brain.
  • Dive into the creative process and how to capture, discover and create your ideas before they float away or you destroy them.
  • Connect you with other creative individuals and strengthen your journey through group coaching calls. We learn so much from our peers and by simply understanding that we’re not alone.

The Creative Code Beta Edition is a module-based group coaching program that consists of:

  • Weekly group coaching calls held on Zoom (Starting October 5th, 2022) 
  • A Private Facebook Group to connect and share your journey with other participants (Launching Sept 14th, 2022). This group is moderated to ensure high-quality, loving support. 
  • A Centralized Program Hub on the Kajabi Platform (with app for smartphone access) that will store the recorded modules for go-at-your-own-pace learning. The first module with drop Sept. 14th, 2022, with subsequent modules dropping in succession soon after. 
  • Emergency email support from me, your coach. 24-hour-or-sooner response time on business days (disclaimer: y’all, I rest hard on the weekends but am here for you during the week!).

The Creative Code Beta Edition is $600 for founding members (aka members who join before January 1st, 2023). 

Purchase the Creative Code

The price of this course will be $1200 in the new year. 

Tell me more, tell me more!:

If you’re digging all this energy, but want to learn more before you buy, book a free discovery call today!

There is absolutely no pressure to buy, just time for you to explore if this opportunity is right for you.

See you there!

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