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Spiritual Readings in Billings, MT

Currently offering zoom readings online, with in-person options coming soon.

Hi! I’m Hillary: a music composer, life coach and spiritual medium.

I discovered my connection to spirit at an early age. As a child I sensed energy in physical spaces, often feeling unexpectedly afraid in certain spaces and unable to explain why. As a teenager, my gifts expanded to be able to sense spiritual energy around me (what we often call ghosts, or spirits) and by the time I was an adult I was able to sense energy and feelings in other living beings (in both animals and fellow humans).

Raised Catholic, I spent the greater part of my life running from these abilities until I began to sense the presence of angels and other light-beings – and found healing in their messages. I’ve spent my twenties learning how to strengthen my connection to spirit and begin my own healing journey in the process. While I believe religion can teach us many beautiful lessons, I ultimately decided to follow my path as a medium and allow myself to heal outside of the church.

In my spiritual readings, I connect with your spiritual guides (spiritual beings specifically guiding you) to share their messages of wisdom, healing and love. I may also be guided to read your chakras to help you pinpoint any area of your life that are feeling disconnected or out of balance. Getting a spiritual reading is your time to find healing, focus on your needs and feel connected to the amazing source of light that is connected to us all.

While I’m based in Billings, Montana, I currently only offer virtual sessions online, via zoom. One day I hope to find a space for in-person sessions, so if you’re in Montana – stay tuned! 

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Spiritual Reading Session (30, 60, 75 Minutes)

Connect with your spiritual guides/angels/loved ones and the messages they have for you. Ask for insight into a unique problem or let them guide the reading towards what they want to share. All spiritual reading sessions include my journaled notes from the call for you to keep.

30 Minute Reading $45 A shorter, more focused session.

60 Minute Reading $75 The most popular time-length session. 

75 Minute Reading $90 A longer, more in-depth session.

Sessions are held virtually on ZOOM and may run longer, so please allow 15 extra minutes of time. Zoom Link will be delivered to you shortly after you book and again on the day of the appointment to have it handy. 

What Can I Expect During a Session?

Readings and intuitive coaching sessions are your time to relax and find healing. I like to channel messages live & in front of you, as I feel the connection is the clearest when you are right there ready to receive.

We’ll spend the first few minutes breaking the ice and getting to know each other. I’ll ask if you have a specific intention for the session or if you’d like to just receive messages and focus on healing.

Then I’ll spend the next few minutes in the automatic writing process. During this time I encourage you to relax and get comfortable. You can meditate or simply close your eyes and decompress from your day.

Once I’ve finished the writing process, I’ll share what I’ve written with you and we’ll go through your message thoroughly. Likely, more will come through as we chat to offer deeper clarity on what is being shared. I encourage any and all questions during this step so that you can make the most out of your reading.

After the call I’ll email your notes typed notes for clarity. (Within 24-48 hours) 


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