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Life Coaching for Musicians & Creative Minds

I offer both long-term 1:1 coaching (info on this page) & single intuitive coaching sessions and spiritual readings (info on Readings page). 

I spent years of my life spinning my wheels. Filling my day with distractions. Avoiding the things I really wanted to do…. because I was afraid. Afraid that I’d never have the power to change and get to do the things I really wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to grow. To transform into someone who fearlessly explored music, who was happy with her life and deeply satisfied with the work she was doing. I wanted to stop being so afraid and thrive in my creative practice.

The only problem was, the thoughts in my head were preventing me from growing at the pace I wanted to, and making the fear much, much worse.

The Decision That Changed Everything

There was a day I knew I couldn’t grow how wanted to on my own anymore. It wasn’t a loud thought, but a deep feeling – that formed over years of guiding my own journey and not seeing the progress I wanted to see – that suddenly I couldn’t ignore any longer.

I knew in my heart that something had to give. Despite the massive fear I felt, I was ready to go all in and ask for help. I discovered life coaching from my sister, who recently hired a coach of her own. I witnessed her transformation and was drawn to explore this for myself. After weeks of debating, I finally decided to hire a coach of my own.

The change in my own life was so powerful that I knew – even from the end of my very first session – that this was how I wanted to help people. I wanted to give the feeling of relief and support that I felt to everyone I met.

When I founded the Healthy Musician Site back in 2020, it was to share my journey in hopes of helping others. Now as a life coach, I am honored to be a active participant in this beautiful energy of change for my clients.

How Coaching is Life-Changing

Life coaching, put simply, allows you to receive the support you need to accomplish your goals without any fluff or BS. Life coaches hold space for you to believe in your dreams while also challenging you to grow in a way that you never thought was possible. I teach my clients how to recognize what’s serving them and what’s holding them back, and provide support for them to create their own path forward.

Life coaching sessions are your time to reflect on your week, ask for help when you feel stuck, and have space for your feelings to be messy without judgement. I help my clients recognize and overcome their limiting beliefs, create a narrative that empowers them to take action, and learn new skills to help them sustain the life they want to live. You don’t need to be in any specific season of life to get the benefits of coaching – you just have to be willing to give the experience your all.

The Leap of Faith

Starting a coaching journey is one of the bravest things you will ever do. Saying yes to yourself will create a wave of change that will ripple out into every part of your life. Your well-being, your relationships, and your creative practice all stand to benefit from you taking responsibility for your journey and taking control of the direction you want to go in.

Coaching is a magical and messy journey, which is why most coaches offer sessions in packages. I offer custom length programs (12-24 weeks) based on your needs and goals, that you’ll have the power to chose from when you hop on a free consult call to discuss.

The Time is Now

When your ready to embark on your own coaching journey, use the scheduler below to book your free consultation call. I’ll ask you some questions to get the call started, but this is your chance to share what you’re dreaming and what you’re hoping to accomplish. I’ll share if I can help you, what the process would look like, and my coaching package. You’ll have the opportunity to mull it over on the call and either – say yes to begin your journey with me – or – say no to continue your path on a road that feels authentic to you. There’s no pressure to sign with me this call. What feels best to you is the most important thing to me. I mean it.

Ready to take the leap? Book your preferred session below: