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Higher-Self Coaching

What is Higher-Self Coaching?

Higher-Self coaching is goal-oriented life coaching with an emphasis to develop your connection to your higher self & spiritual guides.

You’ll work on your goal(s) & co-collaborate your future all while learning how to access your own powerful self-guidance along the way.

Co-collaboration on every call 

There are 3* collaborators on every call:

  • You
  • Me
  • Your Higher Self & Spiritual Guides*

As a life coach and spiritual medium, I’ll connect you with your higher self and spiritual guides (while providing life coaching) during every session. Then, when you are ready, I’ll help you begin to navigate establishing and trusting this connection to your higher self and spiritual guides along the way.

Together, we’ll help you strengthen your line of communication with your higher self & spiritual guides so that you can tune in to your own awesome guidance that’s always available to you long after our coaching connection ends!

6 Months Together

Not everyone starts at the same place, which is why time is needed to support you as you hone, develop and begin to master your own spiritual gifts, intuition and connection. You can relax knowing that you’ll move mountains in our 6 months of working together.

What would happen if you went all in?

Your higher self is the all-knowing, all-loving version of you that has completed your soul’s journey and can look back, travel back, and be back to offer wisdom, support and guidance.

Your higher self has all the answers you need to tackle your life’s current challenges & does so with the utmost loving, gentle and compassionately-guided environment.

Learning this skill is an asset that will last a lifetime. It will help you recognize when you are stuck, guide you towards help when you are blocked and guide you to care for your mind, body and spirit when you are out of alignment.

Developing this connection can save you time, money and frustration because you’ll no longer be needlessly spinning your wheels and giving away your energy – your greatest source for joy and abundance in your life.

Discover what’s next

When you’re ready to begin this journey, book your free discovery call to get the process started!

All you need is to have your goal(s) ready (or an idea of what you’re looking for) and an open mind for the connection to begin.

The free discovery call is 60-75 minutes and is a beautiful signal to the universe that you’re ready to claim your divine connection and go all in.

Come as you are! There is zero pressure to commit to the journey on this call.