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Coming Soon: the Creative Minds Circle 

Launching January 1st, 2022

Group coaching and personal development for creative minds.

Say YES to your creative voice.

The Creative Minds Circle is a support group for people navigating the daily struggles of being an artist. Joining the circle gives you access to a grow-at-your-own-pace library of personal development tools (specifically curated for creative minds) and 2 group coaching calls a month (in which you can find clarity about a specific problem or simply connect with other musicians in a supportive environment.)

Your monthly membership grants you:

  • The release of 1 new personal development course geared specifically for artists and the unique challenges artists face.
  • 1 Live Q & A on the Course Material: chance to ask questions about the material and receive group coaching in a supportive and moderated environment
  • 1 Live Group Coaching Call: a chance share your story to receive coaching and connect with others in a highly supportive environment
  • Access to the Creative Minds Circle Facebook group: a chance to connect and network with other group members in a high quality, moderated group. 
  • Access to all the courses as they accumulate with one new course released each month
  • Foundational materials to help you take care of yourself with a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to wellness
  • Suggested reading and podcast listening lists for those looking for more.

The Creative Minds Circle is a renewing monthly subscription for $26/month that you can cancel or leave at anytime.

The anticipated launch date for the Creative Minds Circle is January 1st, 2022. 
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Do I have to be a musician to join?

While I’m a musician that speaks a lot about the world of music, this circle is for any creative mind looking for support. Whether you are a musician, writer, artist – as long as you’re interested in a creative practice, these tools can help you. 

Do I have to be a full time musician to join?

Whether you are working full time in a non-creative career, just want to play/perform/create for yourself, working part-time to make ends meet, gigging, teaching or working professionally as an artist, this group is to support you on your journey as a creative mind and help you learn/enhance the skills you need to live a beautiful creative life. 

What courses will be available?

Foundational courses and the first personal development course will be available immediately when the circle is released. 

The foundational material for this course is a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to wellness. Members are encouraged browse the material as they feel called to create their own path and find what works best for them. 

Future monthly course topics may include:

  • Impostor syndrome for creative minds 
  • Addressing performance anxiety 
  • Addressing writers block 
  • Addressing the tortured artist identity 
  • Getting paid for your work 
  • Balancing time with a creative schedule 
  • Creating belief in yourself as an artist
  • Networking for introverts (and people that don’t love networking)
  • Addressing creative anxiety 
  • Addressing self-sabotage in your projects 
  • Self promotion for people that don’t love talking about themselves 
  • Tips for building your practice routine 

+ more 

When are the monthly coaching calls?

Creative minds are busy! That’s why days and times of the coaching calls will be varied to accommodate as many schedules as I can.