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the Creative Minds Circle

Group coaching and personal development for creative minds

Say YES to your creative voice.

Join me and a group of amazing, like-minded individuals for the Creative Minds Circle! Each month I am pleased to host 1-2 classes on topics/subjects that are helpful for creative minds. 

Classes are held virtually on zoom and feature learning material with group coaching. Each class is designed to encourage participation through coaching in a safe and supportive environment. 

Future classes/topics include: 

  • How to Post on Social Media (when it’s scary as hell!) 
  • Networking for Introverts 
  • How to Thrive with Impostor Syndrome 

Classes are intentionally limited to 5 participants to provide enough time for group sharing and feedback. If you have a group that you’d like to book a private class for, reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram. 

Network, learn, grow and shed limiting beliefs holding you back. 

To attend a Creative Minds Circle, check the schedule below: