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Handmade Jewelry in Billings, Montana

Hi! I’m Hillary! A music composer, life coach and spiritual medium with a hobby that brings me so much joy: crafting jewelry.

I made my first piece of jewelry when I was a kid and my passion has since evolved into a life-long exploration of creating in different styles. This online shop is a dream come true and each piece is handmade by me, in Billings, Montana. I source some of the gemstones locally (Montana Quartz and Agate), but otherwise try to shop from small businesses accros the country to keep my crafting journey as connected with other humans as possible.

This is my current featured collection. I love to share items first on my Instagram handle @craftedwithlightmt to give followers a chance to snag an item before it hits the shop!

While I may repeat styles, gemstones are so unique that it ensures each piece is a fabulous one of a kind treasure.

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