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You Need this Feel Good Journal Prompt

As a musician, I often spend time focusing on all the areas that I can improve. Harmony, counterpoint, singing, writing, listening… the list could go on all day long. It’s easy for me to overthink it and start bashing myself for all the things I’m not doing.

Sound familiar? If this is you too, keep reading.

I recently came across a mind-blowing-thought-process-transformation and wanted to share it with you. If you find yourself struggling or going down a thought-spiral, I challenge you to interrupt it by asking: how am I good at_______?

“How am I good at……?”

The goal is to help you focus on what you’re doing right *before* going after what needs to improve (and how you’re going to do that.)

This allows you to view the area of focus under a positive light first, which will likely help you not be so hard on yourself or prevent you from slipping into an emotional-“I suck”-themed-spiral. (We’ve all been there.)

When we change our thought environment from “I suck. I don’t know what to do” to “I’m good at these things. And I can work on these things” we unlock the floodgates of our own inspiration and almost *magically* know exactly what we need to work on to improve. This process can help you go from feeling stuck and bashing yourself to feeling empowered and crystal clear on what to work on next.

All you need to do is take a moment and reflect on:

How am I good at (fill in the blank)?

You can create a list, free write, brainstorm- it all counts as long as you’re doing the work.

If you need ideas, try journaling on:

How am I good at…..

  • Musicianship
  • Practicing
  • Showing up
  • Promoting myself
  • Creating content
  • Gigging
  • Recognizing my thought spiral (this one is huge for me!)
  • Having a good practice session
  • Networking
  • Meeting people
  • Sharing my music business
  • Enjoying music
  • +whatever else you need!

I highly encourage you give this a try. You need this feel good surge of emotions. You truly do!

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Tool credits go to: My life coach Jamie Reynolds and life coach guru Stacy Boehman!

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