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You’re Not Going to be Discovered as an Artist

I still carry this giddy, larger than life hope that one day I’ll be “discovered” as a music composer. That someone will find my old works in a trash can and think “these are brilliant! We must find the person who made these”. They’ll find me at my day job completely unrelated to music, and rescue me to live the life I’ve always dreamed of…

It’s a hope that I’ve curated over many years of my life. Exposure to movies like August Rush & Raise Your Voice, shows like Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, YouTube videos of musical child sensations and reality contests like American Idol and the Voice…. (did I just point out how much of a 90’s kid I am?!) … all left me dreaming like I’m one step away from the fame and fortune that I’ll “humbly shy away from being worthy of.” (Because you know, that’s what you do in that kind of movie plot.)

And when it doesn’t happen – no one approaches you after singing that fantastic acoustic set at the bar, or after that community choir concert, or after that video you were finally brave enough to share – there’s this feeling of “well damn, I must be failing if I can’t get any love from an agent that doesn’t exist.” And you throw in the towel until the feeling strikes you again.

Well of course no one “discovered” you because that’s not how it works!

All of the artists, singers, composers, writers, and influencers I know all have one thing in common: they didn’t wait around to be discovered – they went out and made their own path.

They didn’t play hoping for someone to discover them (ok maybe our ego is always wanting this and that’s ok and for another blog post) but rather they played for the sake of their art. They played to share their vibration and spark inside.

And that is really where the magic happens. You won’t be discovered playing it safe, taking risks every couple of months when you work up the courage to. You’ll be discovered when you curate this amazing belief in yourself and the courage to show up as often as you can and gain that experience you need to grow!

Anyone successful will tell you it wasn’t magic. Rather, they found a way against all odds stacked against them, all criticism that said they can’t do it, all the shit-that-life-throws-at-you-when-you-decide-to-become-an-artist and they said “I’m going to do this anyway and make my own path.”

Ok, maybe not those exact words, but you catch my drift.

They forged ahead and did it anyway. They curated belief in their life and showed up consistently and constantly – which allowed a tribe of like minded fans to find them.

So let me light a fire under your ass and say this:

No one is going to discover you as an artist.

Not in the easy, free of failure way you think they will.

You will get discovered when you make waves. When you make your art and shout it from the rooftops. “I made this!! Check it out!” And you do so with such fire and passion and light that people want to feel that vibe and check it out for themselves!

You will get discovered when you fail over and over and over again. And pick yourself up from those failures and try again. Learn from what is working and what isn’t. Over and over until you perfect this recipe in your head and this dream in your heart.

You will get discovered when you decide wholeheartedly that even though the work of promoting and sharing totally sucks, you will show up to do it anyway.

You will make art or music or a craft so brilliant and so awesome that it does get noticed, and you attract your tribe of like minded souls to your wave of energy.

You can get yourself on the map. You can get seen and “discovered” by your audience, make sales or whatever your mission is. It takes just takes hard work and the courage to grow from a mountain of failure.

Belief doesn’t have to be just something for someone else in the movies! You can curate it right now in your life. I know this because I’ve done it in my own life and felt the amazing joy of finding my tribe.

I’m a life coach that can help you curate your own magic, confidence and courage it takes to show up for yourself and live your best life. You know, the one Lizzie McGuire gets at the end of the movie.

When you’re ready to start stacking that mountain of failures so you can start living your dream, I’m here to hold space for you to grow along the way. Schedule a consult call with me today and you’ll see if this is the extra bump you need on your journey.

You are soooo ready to be “discovered.”

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