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Belief is a muscle

I was 28 years old when I learned that belief is a muscle. And that up until then my belief in myself was a very weak one.

Who else grew up in western America? Where music is a hobby and not a career? Where hard work is valued only if you have the monetary digs to show for it? Because if you don’t have money, then you’re failing, no matter how hard you work…

This toxic mindset gave birth to my favorite practice – hating myself for becoming an artist. Hating the fact that my degrees couldn’t bring me the wealth and accolades no matter how hard I worked. Hating society for hating me. Hating everyone else for having it figured out.

Ok, I don’t hate anyone. But back then I was sure jealous. Jealous that my clothes were full of holes while others spent a casual $300 a month on new things without thinking twice.

I swear I have a point to this rant – bear with me.

I was full of hate and jealous and rage and sadness because ….. I didn’t believe in myself.

I didn’t believe in my ability to make a living. To earn enough to take care of myself. And do all the things like save for retirement, pay for health insurance, afford a decent phone, find clothes that fit, pay for a car…

I didn’t believe I had a place in society. A place in this world of doctors and lawyers and entrepreneurs and go-getters. I didn’t believe I was allowed to belong.

But now I do.

I have this radical idea – belief in myself. Belief in my ability to provide for myself and not feel like a dejected burden.

Belief in my ability as an artist. Belief in my ability to figure it out in my own way. Belief in my own wild and weird and quirky journey.

Radical belief that I am worthy of choosing this different path. Worthy of having my cake, working hard for that damn cake, and eating it to.

Belief is a muscle. It’s inside of you. It’s waiting to be awakened and shown how to get stronger. It’s waiting to be trained and flexed and shown off to the world.

28 years wasn’t a bad time frame to learn this in. And whether it’s 17 or 88 for you – the present is the best time for compassion and love and this radical thing I like to call – belief.

If you are struggling to believe in yourself – it is absolutely something you can learn. I’m a life coach that would love to help you on this journey of yours. Schedule a no-pressure free call with me today and let’s talk about radically believing in you.

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