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The Struggle for Art

Fear, Oppression, Emotions, Blocks, Suppression

“Every artist producing works had to overcome something great to get there.”

These words stopped me in my tracks. I witnessed them unfold in an interview for the podcast I co-host. I know I’m paraphrasing the words of Anahita Abbasi in the Sounds of the World Podcast – but the message behind them was so endearing and beautiful I couldn’t help but share it on this platform.

As an artist, I used to think my struggle to create was personal – and a defect that was hindering me. For many years I lost myself in the criticism that I was worthless for not pursuing the sciences. That my work was meaningless. That I shouldn’t get paid for projects. That I wasn’t worthy of a living wage because I wasn’t contributing to society like my scientific peers.

When you are faced with that criticism day in and day out – from the eye-rolls of your friends parents, from the boss that tells you that there is “more to life that music”, from the lack of music and celebration of such in your own rural community – you start to believe you really are full of shit for wanting this so badly.

But this idea, the concept that we are all fighting something and we are all working to overcome some narrative in our lives is beautiful. It’s jaw-dropping. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s enigmatic. It transcends the notion that art is for the “weak” and the criticism that artists and musicians and creators chose the “easy path” because they get to do what the love.

The Brutal Road

Music and the pursuit of learning music has been the most brutal journey I’ve ever endured. And the more I get to talk with amazing musicians – the more I learn that EVERYONE has their own brutal story to tell.

The musicians and artists of this world are some of the strongest individuals I’ve ever know. They endure criticism like you can’t imagine. Work for little to no pay to get started in their careers. But their dedication to joy and producing works from the heart is the most inspiring light I’ve ever seen. Their ability to surmount the obstacles life hands them and the shit that society throws in their way is truly nothing short of a miracle.

I believe that we are all struggling. Some of us are working our way out of that struggle while others are unaware of the stagnation. It may sound strange to say – but I take solace in knowing I am apart of the great universal struggle. And I’m working to share my light with the world one tiny miracle at a time.

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