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4 Supplements to Up-Level Your Fitness Routine

Let’s talk supplements.

First off, I’d like to preface this post with a ‘you don’t need it’ attitude. Supplements are personal choices that fit customized fitness plans. I firmly believe in a ‘pick and add what works best for you’ mindset – especially when it comes to supplements or any health-related product.

Believe me when I say – I was the worlds biggest skeptic of workout supplements. I thought they’d be a huge rip-off and have adverse side effects when I stopped using them. (Anyone else watch too many of their friends in high school get jacked on creatine and then shrink when they stopped taking it?!)

Despite my skepticism, I decided to tryyyyy some products from Beachbody to see for myself. “Were they worth the hype or a waste of my money?”

Here is my honest review of 4 of my favorite beachbody products that have completely up-leved my routine. And a bonus review of a 5th that completely missed the mark for me.

I tried them one at a time, so as to really soak in the effects (if any) that they were supposed to have.

1.) Beachbody Recover – (Vegan)

Helps with: Muscle soreness

What is it? 

A protein shake for muscle recovery. Recover has 20 grams of pea protein (including BCAAs, 9 essential amino acids) & Pomegranate Extract

My review:

I was pretty skeptical of Recover when I first tried it. It was hard for me to buy into the idea that a protein shake could really help with soreness. But I was struggling to keep pace with muscle recovery and missing workouts on days I was feeling too sore to move. So I was ready to try anything.

Recover contains BCAAs which are theorized to help with muscle repair and recovery after workouts. It’s recommended to drink within 30 minutes of working out, but the science on this is still developing.

The first time I drank Recover I noticed a difference. Not only did the protein help with long term soreness, but the sugar in it helped with that muscle shakiness that comes right after an intense workout.

Before I’d be sore for 1-3 days after an intense workout. Now, when I drink recover, I’m sore for maybe 0-2 days max.

And as a bonus, it mixes well with water and it tastes AMAZING. Like a light chocolate shake.

Note: Protein can come from many sources – it doesn’t have to be a special protein shake. However, I love how it makes me feel and it’s chocolatey goodness.

2.) Beachbody Hydrate

Helps with: hydration during workout

What is it? 

Hydrate is like an electrolyte sports drink without the gobs of sugar.

My Review:

This product is so underrated I wish I had discovered it sooner!

Hydrate contains electrolytes and a little added sugar to process them. (Which for my hypoglycemia is a perfect combo.)

I was suffering from headaches during longer workouts (anything over 30 minutes) and annoyed that a migraine could develop from this “good” habit (exercise).

While I was drinking plenty of water, I wasn’t getting enough electrolytes to sustain my performance. I’d feel drained after the 30 minute mark and would get a headache anytime I tried to continue.

It didn’t occur to me that I was missing electrolytes until I tried a non-beachbody salt-based hydration drink. I didn’t get the headache and I actually felt energized to get through the workout.

I tried Beachbody’s Hydrate because it fit my budget – and I ended up liking Hydrate better.

Note: While there are a tons of options for sports drinks and hydration – this one fits my budget, my dietary needs (some sugar but not a lot) and helps me stay energized during long workouts.

3.) Beachbars – Vegan (Chocolate Almond Crunch)

Helps with: protein consumption

What is it? 

Beachbars are protein bars with an excellent ratio of protien/carb/fat.

Why I love it:

These are chocolately-good protein bars that use pea protein in lieu of whey. At $2 a bar (coaches price)- I was skeptical to try, but the flavor really won me over. They are a winning balance of protein, carbs and fat – which can get really out of whack fast in other brands (9g, 14g, and 7g in Beachbars respectively).  I’ve found other bars that I love that are either super high in fat or super high in carbs with less protein.

Note: Do you need them? You don’t need anything. Do you want them? Hell yeah you do! Worth a try in my opinion.

Budget friendly? Definitely not a Costco steal. But the combo of macros is spot on for my needs.

4.) Shakeology – Vegan

Helps with: protein consumption, bowel regularity and cravings

What is it? 

Shakeology is a protein powder that comes with all essential amino acids and tons of superfood extras.

Why I love it:

The price of shakeology alone was enough to have me hella skeptical at this one. The claim that it curbs cravings and keeps you regular was almost too go to be true – I had to find out for myself.

I originally tried the whey – which was too much for my allergy to handle. While it kept me regular – I quickly found it was something I couldn’t regularly consume.

Determined to like it, I gave the vegan a try.

The first thing I noticed was it really did and does help with cravings. When I drink a glass of shakeology I feel satisfied. Like ‘I don’t need this extra piece of chocolate’ satisfied. It’s a strange feeling that I was super skeptical I’d feel. But alas, it was real for me.

It also helped with regularity- and I think that’s enough said on that subject.

The other bonus with shakeology is its loaded with superfoods. When you start looking up the ingredient list -it’s insane. Almost every ingredient is some cult-followed superfood that boasts of wellness and healthy effects. While I don’t feel qualified to speak on the magic of superfoods – it makes me feel good knowing that this shake comes loaded with them.

Vanilla Shakeology is also super versatile and I make all kinds of flavored shakes with it to keep me satisfied. It mixes best when its blended (which is easy to do in a Ninja or other single serve blender.$

Note: Protein is protein is protein. At Costco alone you’ll find 3 cheaper competitors. But none of them will taste anywhere close to Shakeology. And none of them will have the same superfoods loaded inside.

Sound amazing? The hardest sell on Shakeology is the price – $99 (coach price) – $129 (customer price) for a 30 serving bag which averages to over $3-4 a shake. But If you can sneak it in your budget – it’s worth every penny. If you try buying all of those superfoods separately- the sticker shock alone makes shakeology a screaming deal.

*5.) Energize

What is it? 

Energize is an energy drink but without the gobs of sugar.

Why it wasn’t for me:

I wanted to love Energize sooo badly. But it has soooo much caffeine – and I couldn’t handle it. I am restricted to about 2 cups of coffee a day. Any more than that I and I am buzzing through the night.

Note: I have read reviews of people who absolutely love Energize (and who are wayy less sensitive to caffeine than me). It has a bit of a cult following – so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Some people even swap out their morning coffee for Energize! Not me though, I think I’d vibrate into another world.


Wanna learn more? Hit me up! I am more than happy to answer as many questions as I can.

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