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3 Ways to Leverage Beachbody On Demand as Your Online Gym

This post is for those willing and able to workout at home.

Beachbody On Demand (BBOD) is as online workout video platform that is available by subscription. It contains Team Beachbody programs and materials. Think of it as the Netflix of online workout programs.

Whether you join Team Beachbody with a program in mind or are excited to explore their library, here are 3 great ways to do it:

1.) Pick a Program


This is the easiest way to use BBOD. Simply select a program you’d like to try and give it a go! Each program contains workout videos and program materials. The program materials include nutritional guides and workout calendars to follow to complete the workouts in the program as intended.

Some programs contain sample workouts and others start with the first workout listed on the calendar. If you are curious but not ready to commit – I find the sample workouts are the way to go!

Side note: Some programs are “Real Time” meaning they have a different video to watch each day and others (i.e. the older programs) are a variety of workouts intended to be watched in the order as listed on the program calendar.

2.) Try a Hybrid Calendar

Want to combine 2 styles of fitness? Most BBOD programs have hybrid calendars that pair with another program. It is recommended that you complete each program separately before combining them – but you do you!

In addition to being able to find these hybrids in the program materials section – trainers love to share their exclusive hybrid calendars on social media. The easiest way to find them is on instagram: search for the program trainer and dig around on their page for their hybrids. (Shaun T, Elise Joan & Joel Freeman to name a few.)

3.) Build your own workout calendar!

There are 60+ programs and styles to choose from – the combinations are virtually endless!

I think this is a great way to get into fitness without the intimidation of committing to a 60+ day program that may be waaay more of a challenge that you were bargaining for. Beachbody programs are no joke and can be tough if you are new to fitness. Enjoy a blend of classes that fit your level of fitness, time requirements and enjoyment!

Tip: New to fitness? Try building a 5-7 day calendar. Give yourself some rest/recover days and fill in the rest with samples from programs you’d like to try! Build one week at a time until you find a flow that works for you.



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