Billings Montana Spiritual Medium

Is it safe to say that you’re feeling disconnected, lost, or unsure of what to do next?

You’ve got this dilemma that no one can seem to help you with. You’ve talked about it with friends and family, meditated on it, and/or you’ve maybe even tried connecting with your own spiritual guidance… But the message won’t come in as clear as you need it to. Or, maybe you know the answer, but you’re not able to trust your gut AND you’re starting to wonder if it’s all in your head…

Well, my friend, it sounds like you’re ready for a spiritual reading to sort things out.

Hi! I’m Hillary.

I’m a spiritual medium and multi-passionate individual (pronouns: she/her) who helps people find clarity through my spiritual readings. You can read more about me here.

What’s a spiritual reading?

A spiritual reading is a 1:1 session where I connect with your spiritual guides to provide a insightful blend of wisdom, guidance and imagery to help you get clear on what is troubling you. I never know exactly what’s going to come through, only that it just so happens to be the exact thing that needs to be heard in the moment. A reading can save you time because it helps you cut through the guessing game with your intuition. It reveals exactly what you need to focus on to move the needle forward in your life.

How to work with me:

A single spiritual reading is perfect for short-term guidance. Book as needed to gain clarity and move through a block. Single sessions are available in 30-75 minute time slots. Book your appointment online here. 

Spiritual coaching is perfect if you need accountability and additional support for a goal. Spiritual coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and held weekly/ consecutively with a minimum of 6 sessions. This is a beautiful container to receive guidance from your spiritual guides when you’re ready to dive in and do the work. Book a free consult session to learn more information and discover if this is the right path for you.