Life Coaching for Musicians & Creative Minds

Hi! I’m Hillary

I’m a life coach, spiritual medium and music composer on a mission to help creative minds put their own needs ahead of their creative practice. 

Multi-passionate, I enjoy writing music, developing my skills as a life coach and expanding my gifts as a spiritual medium. 

1:1 Coaching

In 1:1 coaching, I help creative minds build a balanced lifestyle to prevent burnout and foster joy through the practice of self care. My goal is for you to value yourself above your creative practice, so that you can enjoy your life regardless of where you’re at in your career.

Coaching allows us to uncover limiting beliefs and challenge the narratives that hold us down or hold us back. My own experience with coaching allowed me feel everything I was running from, shed old beliefs, and enable myself to truly enjoy life. Coaching empowered me to thrive in my creative practice and I know it can help you do the same. 

Spiritual Readings

I’m deeply honored to share that I’m a spiritual medium that specializes in connecting with spiritual guides and reading/clearing/balancing energy for both people/animals and physical spaces. 

In the spiritual readings, I connect with your spiritual guides to share the wisdom they have for you and well as pinpoint areas in your energy centers (chakras) that are calling to be healed. 

The Creative Minds Circle

I created The Healthy Musician Site to provide community and support to artists who need it. With the Creative Minds Circle, I get to expand on that by pairing the power of personal development with the liveliness of group coaching to provide community and a self-paced learning environment to clients. 

The courses I’ve curated are all the personal development tools I wish I had learned earlier in my creative career, coupled with a solid foundation in wellness. My goal is for you to feel empowered to create and live life on your own beautiful terms. Whether you just want to sing boldly in your car or create your next masterpiece, I can’t wait to help you on your creative path this January, 2022. 

….and more!

In addition to being a musician, medium and life coach, I am also an author, jewelry maker and cohost for the Sounds of the World Podcast. I love traveling between my hometowns of Houston and New Braunfels in Texas and Butte, Missoula and Billings in Montana. I have an M.A in music from the University of Birmingham (UK) (2018), a B.M in music from the University of Montana (2015.) and am an EAMA alumni who is still enjoying developing her skills as a musician.

You can shop my handmade jewelry under the Shop Crafted with Light tab (coming soon!) and read more about my personal journey in music on the Blog. 

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April 27, 2021

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April 20, 2021

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